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What to expect from Gryphon Bats?

Consistency, innovation,creativity and quality control is what sets us above the rest!


Gryphon Bats are carefully hand turned individually to maximize accuracy, balance and perfection.


Our attention detail, quality contol and our expedite turn around makes us the top tier choice of  elite players around the world.


At Gryphon Bats, we dont take our jobs lightly. Our duty is to make sure that  players are ready to enter into battle with the best equipment possible and inflict fear in the eyes of the competition.


Our wood billets are hand split from the best selected trees in New England and Canada.

Our Foundation


Gryphon Bats was formed in late 2014. The Owner, Ariel Ramos envisioned himself as a young man building an honorable legacy in his beloved sport. He has dedicated his time in researching, teaching, mentoring and playing the game of baseball.


After his freshman college season in 2008, Ariel enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he reached the rank of Sergeant. He also served an overseas combat deployment in 2011 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (11.1)


After his enlistment, Ariel still had a burning desire to continue chasing his dream. Despite shortfalls he pressed forward!


Ariel gathered his thoughts on how he could accomplish the goal of building an honorable legacy in baseball. He put his hobbies of woodworking and baseball together to form the wood bat brand "Gryphon Bats".


The name "Gryphon" was used from his high school mascot were he have learned the art of fine woodworking and played many of his memorable years as a Captain and league champion. A Gryphon is made up of a lion's body with the head and wings of an eagle symbolizing strength and wisdom.


Since 2014, Gryphon Bats has established itself has the number one choice for serious ballplayers across the world. From professionals, collegiate and amateur players, there is only one bat that you would need to soar above your competition. GRYPHON BATS  




We host events in various locations, including demos and showcases. Please join our newsletters for updates to where we will be hosting our next events and possible discounts!











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